Tips For Owners

  1. Locks can only be changed by calling “Applied Locksmith” 941-488-6387. This allows for the use of a “Master Key” for condo entry.
  2. Moving or delivery of large furniture requires pads to be placed in the elevator. Notify the caretaker, fill out a work order available in the elevator and leave there, or fill out a work order available on our website.
  3. Water Supply Main Valve: Turn off the main water valve when leaving for extended periods of time. This is located in the guest bathroom closet. On your return, open the valve and turn on faucets to bleed air from the pipes. Once done, you can turn on your hot water tank.
  4. Hot Water Heaters: Hot water heaters should be turned off when leaving for extended periods of time. Turn off the electric switch to your hot water tank.
  5. Removal of Items from Lanais(patios), and Walkways: When leaving your condo for extended periods of time, all items must be cleared and stored in your unit.
  6. Change of Contact Information: (email, phone, address) Notify Sunstate Management immediately. (941-870-4920). This insures that you receive all notifications and quarterly statements.
  7. Special projects within your condo must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Download and complete the form from the website. Forward this request to the Board or Sunstate Management. (941-870-4920)
  8. Wind tunnel Effect: When patio doors are open, and the front door is also open, a wind tunnel may occur without warning. Anyone standing near the front door could suffer an injury, as it can close quickly.
  9. Drilling in to lanai(patio) or walkway walls is not permitted. Hanging anything (in any way), in these areas, is not permitted.
  10. Garbage is restricted to kitchen garbage bags only that can fit down the chute. An owner must call the City to pay for and arrange to remove large items. The Association can be fined if anything else is found in the dumpster.
  11. Garbage disposal units located under your kitchen sink are designed for small plate scrapings. Grease and large volumes can block drains and affect the common pipes as well.
  12. Light bulb at sprinkler: When changing light bulb in master bathroom ceiling light near fire sprinkler use LED light to keep cool.
  13. Contractors and owners engaged in renovations must remove all demolition material from the property.
  14. Recycling is placed in the “Refuse Rooms” on each floor. All plastics, metal, and glass should be rinsed prior to placement in a container. Small cardboard and paper can be placed in the other container. Larger boxes can be flattened and placed against the wall in the “Refuse Room”. These will all be picked up regularly.
  15. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times, and the owner must clean up after the pet.
  16. Boats, kayaks, canoes and motorcycles may not be stored or parked under the building.
  17. Lanais get dirty and can be cleaned, but do not use a hose unless it is raining. Be considerate to those who live below you.
  18. Rentals: Owners can rent their unit for no less than three months at a time. A rental request form is available on our website. ( If using a rental firm, they will need to get the information to Sunstate Management. (941-870-4920)
  19. Maintenance personnel are assigned tasks by Management and the Board. It is not his responsibility to perform tasks for individual owners.
  20. HVAC maintenance on the roof is the responsibility of each owner. AC service providers hired by owners have access to the roof via a roof door (904 side), with a coded key pad. Please make sure your AC service provider replaces deteriorating insulation and checks the condition of your AC electric box on the roof.
  21. Condensation may occur on interior windows during cold nights (below 45 degrees). A small dehumidifier may help. Towels can collect water on the sills and a squeegee can help with the problem as well.
  22. For extended absences: Place your thermostat below 80 degrees and your humidistat at approximately 55% to 60%.
  23. While occupying your unit: Make sure the humidistat is in the “off” position or it will override your thermostat.
  24. Humidity: Humidity can rise rapidly in your condo if you leave your patio doors open for extended periods of time. This can also happen if you do not operate your air conditioning or heating unit for extended periods. Monitor your humidity level in your condo to avoid mold issues.

Adapted from George G. Kellum’s:
”Survival Tips for Owners and Tenants, The Waterfront – Building A”


There are three waste stacks that pass through each unit. Lateral pipes running though the unit attach to these stacks. These lateral stacks are to be maintained by each owner. Below is the configuration of the lateral pipes. This may help should you have a blockage:

  1. Guest bathroom toilet sovent stack attaches through lateral pipes to your guest bathroom bathtub/shower and sink. It also attaches to the two sinks in the master bathroom. There is about a 15 foot span from the furthest sink in the master bathroom to this sovent stack. If you have an inside unit, a lateral pipe from this sovent stack also attaches to the shower drain in the master bathroom.
  2. Master bathroom toilet sovent stack attaches through a lateral pipe to the bathtub drain in the master bathroom on an inside unit and the shower drain on an outside unit.
  3. The kitchen sink stack attaches through a lateral pipe to the kitchen sink drain. This stack is located about 7 or 8 feet from your sink on the small wall attached to the counter peninsula in your kitchen.
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